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After an incredible Event at the Allegria Hotel July 2012, and being so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a beautiful team, we bid Ashley and Allie au revior! Amanda and Tara take the reins and are so excited to co-manifest the beauty of our future events!

The brains and beauties behind Bonifate are local ladies with hearts of gold and the drive to match. The universe brought them together in late 2011 when they all realized their similar passions and desire to make the world better. A few months later, Bonifate was born and (bless their lucky stars*) the rest is history!

team bonifate

amandaAmanda DiGiovanna
Amanda began her personal Yoga practice over 16 years ago after her mother heralded its ability to relieve her scoliosis and sciatica symptoms. The practice stayed with her ever since, helping her through life's trials and tribulations. While studying to receive a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University at Albany Amanda worked three years as an Emergency Medical Technician for New York State, Medical Assistant at a Cardiovascular Hospital, and for a PR/ Marketing Firm in Manhattan helping to organize celebrity charity events and parites. The most important thing Amanda's medical study and experience taught her about good health is that it starts with prevention. Yoga is a process tediously tweaked over thousands of years and could not be a more wholesome approach to prevention. Yoga asana (physical practice) teaches the body to detoxify, strengthen, align, relax and most importantly heal itself. Yoga philosophy teaches the mind the tools it needs to face anything and emerge contented and happy.

After college graduation the theme of Amanda's life's work remained the same. She wanted to help people on a grand scale, but its agents shifted slightly. Amanda wanted to help people prevent health problems, she wanted to teach people to find their peace, and wanted to teach people how to heal their bodies from the inside out. So in 2007 Amanda graduated from Sonic Yoga's 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Certification and began the website In 2010 she and her partner opened Revolution Yoga, 2012 her master training with Raghunath Cappo and Sondra Loring was completed and Bonifate was born. Now she hopes to change the landscape of the Long Island Yoga Community, using all her experience and knowledge to bring freedom and unity to the masses!

tara grandoTara Grando
Tara took her first yoga class almost 12 years ago while attending college in Manhattan, but it was a few years later in a small studio overlooking the ocean in Pacific Beach San Diego that she fell in love. Intoxicated by the Vinyasa Style of yoga, which aligns movement and breath and emphasizes dynamic flows, this type of meditative, physical movement resonated with Tara like nothing had before. She has been faithfully devoted to it's practice and teachings ever since.

Tara's insatiable desire to learn and grow has always been a driving force in her life, and it has lead her down many paths, all of which she is forever grateful for having experienced. In 2003 Tara earned a bachelors degree in Philosopy at NYU, and in 2010, a law degree from Hofstra School of Law after completing studies specializing in the areas of Environmental and Asylum/Refugee Law.
Tara's work in both the environmental and the refugee programs at law school underscored another consistent theme in her life, which is service to others. In 2004 she developed and funded her own volunteer mission to the mountains of rural Mexico where she worked with underprivileged children for four months teaching English and helping to build a school. Tara has devoted time to and fundraised money for several non-profit volunteer organizations including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation and Momma's Kitchen in California where she spent a few hours each week hand delivering meals to San Diegans affected by AIDS. Tara's never perceived her volunteer efforts to be entirely selfless acts since she always reaps magnificent and immeasurable gratification in work that is so spiritually rewarding.

It was and is in this spirit that Tara decided to become a yoga teacher. Fortunate enough to find a true community and a truly special and beautiful place among the Long Island yoga community she competed her 200-hour teacher training in 2011. Firmly believing in the idea that a person will be most successful (in all aspects) by doing that which they love to do most, Tara's main goal as a yoga teacher is simply to share. Her classes are about the people that are in them and the community she want to share with them. Tara holds authenticity, honesty, love, patience, and compassion above all else and strives to give herself fully in every single class. She adores music and believes there is a synergistic effect where sound and movement combine, because of this Tara strives to use music and environment in her classes such that the sum is greater than the parts. She is passionate, loving, enthusiastic, and especially, sincerely grateful for the awesome opportunity she is presented with in having a chance to share of herself and whatever she has to give with you.